Friday, September 28, 2012

Oktoberfest!!! Sauerkraut, Schnitzel, and Pretzels; Oh my!

(Pictures and recipes coming soon)

Since the weather is getting cooler I am ready to warm up the house with stuffed shells or homemade pizza, but Chris has reminded me that this weekend is our family's version of Oktoberfest. By spousal proclamation all activities are to cease this weekend except for two; Cooking and Eating.

First on the list is homemade Bavarian-style pretzels. I love this recipe because we played around for two months until we found the right ingredients to make the chewiest, but not-too-soft soft pretzels. It was a labor of love, and since we hadn't started the family yet, it was kind of romantic. Standing side-by-side with your husband kneading dough. Now with four babies, the pretzel making has become more like a preschool arts and crafts project, but it's still romantic in a way...I guess.

Second, on the list to tackle is sauerbraten.This is my all-time favorite recipe because it reminds me of my mother. Hers was and always will be the best recipe. I have tried the gingersnap recipe and others with questionable ingredients. Cookies just can't produce the same aroma. There is nothing more comforting than the scent of cloves and ginger and apple cider vinegar in this roast coming from your kitchen.
 All images are owned by Lisa Elsen

Next on the list are knadles. German potato dumplings that you can buy in the frozen foods section of your market or you can make your own. These are literally easy enough for a toddler to prepare (not the cooking part!) They are dense and go with the sauerbraten gravy so well. You need something more substantial than just mashed potatoes or even roasted potatoes. A potato or egg noodle is my second favorite pairing for sauerbraten, but knaedles are a tradition.

After church, Sunday will be less about cooking and more about eating. Bratwurst, sauerkraut and cheese soup with more pretzels.

For dessert, simple apple cake. Nothing says fall like baked apple something -or-other and I like cake. So apple cake it is.

Well morning is a coming and my husband will be opening this year's Elsen Family Oktoberfest at sunrise with his holla

"Time to Tap the Keg!"

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